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Hot Work Certification

Question asked by willard_trafton on Mar 1, 2019
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...In regards to the mandatory Hot Work Certification, stating that any tool used that generates heat, grinders, drills, saws, powder actuated, propane,Oxy-acetylene, welding machines, etc., operator MUST have,"by law", a certificate showing that they have completed the hot work certification class.

   And this is a law pertaining not only to welders,plumbers, electricians, but actually if it is a "law" it pertains to everyone. Law cannot discriminate according to the individual but must be regulated so everyone is treated equally.

   And I am in question as to weather the general public's purchase and use of these tools falls under the same requirements, and if not why not, because their lack of training and knowledge far outweigh a skilled professionals. The general public's knowledge of the requirements set forth by the state should far outweigh a trained professionals ability to determine what a safe condition is in a work area. So, If I have been working as a metal worker for 40 years and am required by law to have this certification, why isn't everyone from a new comer to a retired civilian required to follow the same rules and regulations as a plumber, electrician, welder. 

  It also stated that a hot work permit was only good for 24 hours and that the permit would have to be reissued daily. Requiring local authorities to re-inspect the work area and assign detailed fire-watch's if need be. I checked with the local volunteer fire dept.. They couldn't answer the questions. I checked with the selectman's office, they couldn't answer the questions but told me to contact the Senators office, I contacted the Senators office. They cannot answer the questions...I checked with the fire chief in the adjacent town and according to their website , they issue hot work permits for 30 days... so what is it 24 hours or 30 days ?...because the last thing we need is a judge and jury asking if we had the proper permit before our insurance company will pay out. If the class says 24 hours by law, who has the authority to deviate away from the law and say 30 days... because according to the rules set forth, work areas can change within a 24 hour period. 

  Is every back yard welder, garage, muffler shop, marina, dry-dock, construction company, town barn, that picks up a tool or torch subject to these laws and are there enough certified permit issuers, fire-watch's, inspectors available to inspect each and every area and person using any of the described tools above to make sure they took the class and are properly trained and certified ?... (If this towns volunteer fire dept. had to perform these operations, there wouldn't be anyone answering a call to fight a fire...they'd all be fire watching...there simply isn't enough man power.)