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Panelboard index cards

Question asked by perpinan on Mar 1, 2019
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We are check with you about any Electrical Standards, rules, laws and requirements for Administrative assistants, non-electricians or unskilled workers to do revise, update, change and upgrades to electrical *panelboard breaker index cards. We would like to know what are the standards rules to follow (& by who) to make these changes.

Our main concern is safety and liability with persons who are connected to such a process and any quality control preventions.

If OSHA does not require a standard to insure any avoidance of safety to this kind of work please advise who may.


PM Manager Assistant/Asset Management.

U of O, Facility & Utility

Jaime Perpinan, CPPM


*120/208-1ø/3ø or 277/480-1ø/3ø