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Residential Wet System - Air Bleed Requirement?

Question asked by on Mar 6, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2019 by maasaicontracting

Assuming a wet residential fire sprinkler system using CPVC pipe and fittings such as Spears FlameGuard, is there a requirement per NFPA 13D to bleed air from the piping at the highest point while filling the system with water?   The water supply and valves are are all located at the lowest point of the system.


Spears indicates that this should be done (see Install Instructions) but there is no mention of it in NFPA 13D and other installers appear to be unconcerned by the trapped air under pressure.  If the system has no air bleed valve at the top of the system how would this be accomplished?  It would seem that removing a sprinkler head to accomplish this after the system has been pressure checked would be discouraged.  I have seen information that would seem to indicate that excess trapped air could cause system damage during activation due to the sudden surge.