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Flamex Extinguishing System

Question asked by nrjc86 on Mar 8, 2019

I have a client who is installing Flamex deluge and spark extinguishing systems at their plant. The plant is fed from 2 x 1000USGPM Diesel pumps with hundreds of feet of ductile, feeding their multiple buildings.. In lieu of installing a 500 USGPM tank and pump dedicated for the spark extinguishing system, they would instead like to upsize their jockey pump to keep the Fire Pump from turning on during the flamex spray cycle(21 gpm @40psi)..  I can only find that NFPA recommends the jockey pump to be sized in flow for less than the flow from 1 sprinkler, unless the pump serves underground piping.. This jockey pump serves underground piping so it has already been upsized due to the allowable leakage in underground pipe ( NFPA 13 - A. It may already have the capacity to supply the water to the flamex nozzle without allowing enough pressure drop to start the main pump.. I am looking for shared experiences on this subject.