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Can a conveyor create an obstruction to sprinkler discharge?

Question asked by joe.marra on Mar 13, 2019


(2) conveyors are run side. Each conveyor measures 3'-0" across. There is a 1'-0" flue space that varies between the conveyors. Together the (2) conveyors measure a minimum of 7'-0" across. I consider this an obstruction under Section, Section, NFPA 13 (2013) whereas it becomes a fixed obstruction over 4' wide.


These conveyors are higher than 24" above the floor and therefore will require sprinkler protection. Any conveyor with the bottom 24" or less do not require protection because storage below the conveyor cannot occur.


I also consider the conveyors a grouped obstruction until the transverse space between them exceeds 3 x the conveyors least dimension of 3'-0" . 


Am I correct in enforcing the obstruction rules for this condition?