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Attaching Fire Door Signage in a Health Care Occupancy

Question asked by john.costello on Mar 12, 2019

A problem has cropped up with the installation of the 101-2012 compliant signage in our In Patient Mental Health wards,

The signs must be securely fastened to the door  ( per CMS) , which eliminates  the used of tapes, glue  silicone adhesives, since they allow the sign to be pried off and used as a weapon. This would leave only tamper proof screws as an acceptable fastener.

My understanding of NFPA 80 and 101 is this would be acceptable only if the preferred method of securing the signs poses a  risk to the occupants AND the  fasteners  used of similar construction or material to the door AND do not penetrate the door more than 1/4 inch.  ( I am thinkin of 1/4 inch  #4 Stainless steel screws)


The question is would this be allowed under NFPA 80 /101 for Health Care?  


John Costello