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Question about rack boat storage

Question asked by michaele on Mar 13, 2019
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Good morning all,


I was handed a project where the owner wants our firm to calculate the fire sprinkler main pipe size.


The building will be a training/dorm facility for a crew (competitive rowing team). The first floor consists of a storage area where the boats will be stored on racks. The second story is basically offices & workout area (light hazard) and the 3rd floor is the dormitories/bedrooms (light hazard).


According to NFPA 13's table A.5.6, boat storage is out of the scope of protection by this standard.


Is there anyway I can treat these crew boats as "wooden rack storage" since they are basically long wooden canoes? This is an assumption for the time being, I'm not sure if they are fiberglass or some other lightweight material. Furthermore, the storage height will not exceed 5ft.


If anyone has any suggestions, reference material or websites that I can use to learn more I'd appreciate it. I am almost a year into Fire Protection and am at a loss as this is the first scenario I've encountered that NFPA 13 considers "out of scope."


Thank you,