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13R elevator shaft sprinkler no sprinkler...

Question asked by on Mar 14, 2019

2013 NFPA 13R Elevator Shaft


Does anyone have any experience with this issue:

2013 NFPA 13R 6.6.6 Sprinklers shall not be required - "noncombustible elevator shafts where the elevator cars comply with ANSI A17.1, Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators"

The elevator inspector says it should have fire sprinklers because of the combustible elevator suspension and 6.6.8 - "All situations regarding sprinkler location and position that are not directly discussed in NFPA 13R shall be in accordance with NFPA 13", directs him to NFPA 13 which requires sprinklers.  He does not think 6.6.6 directly discusses the issue...


I have an informal opinion from the NFSA saying no sprinklers but he wont budge.


Sounds like we'll have to wait until the Jurisdiction adopts the 2016 version where they removed the word "noncombustible" out of NFPA 13R 6.6.6