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NFPA 70 for deep well pump application Class 1 Division 2

Question asked by jalmaraz on Mar 25, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2019 by rwmilne

I have a project that takes storm water (not sewage) via gravity flow into an underground storage system (all debris has been removed prior to entering storage). This water will be treated via recirculation using a well pump that will be housed inside a 72" diameter manhole that is 50 feet deep. And there will be another pump that pumps the treated water underground for fresh water storage. Each pump is running on 420V, 3 phase, avg horsepower of 8. Attached I attached a brief sketch to try to explain the project.


My question is do these pumps need to meet class 1 division 2 requirements given that they will be inside a manhole and submersed throughout the entirety of their life span?