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NFPA 58 question

Question asked by kathymckenzie on Mar 21, 2019
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I had asked this question on February 7th with no response.  Is there another way to get an interpretation or guindance on this?


NFPA 58 Question

Section states: An identified and readily accessible switch or circuit breaker shall be installed outside at a location not less than 20 ft. or more than 100 ft. from the dispenser to shut off the  power in the event of a fire, an accident, or other emergency.


Section states:  The markings for the switches or circuit breakers shall be visible at the point of liquid transfer.


Section (which covers buildings or structures housing LP-Gas distribution facilities) states: Either of the following shall apply to the construction of exterior walls, ceilings, and roofs:

  1. Exterior walls and ceilings shall be of lightweight material designed for explosion venting.
  2. Walls or roofs of heavy construction, such as solid brick masonry, concrete block, or reinforced concrete construction, shall be provided with explosion venting windows that have an explosion venting area of at least 1 square ft. for each 50 cubic ft of the enclosed volume.


If a cylinder filling location has a small building that meets section (1), how are they expected to see the markings on the switches or circuit breakers that are installed outside of the building not less than 20 ft or more than 100 ft. from the point of transfer when they are filling cylinders inside the building?