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Fire Pump Normal and Emergency Power Arrangement(s) (NFPA 20)

Question asked by srphill3 on Mar 27, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2019 by chiefns830

I am trying to relocate a generator for a couple of small town government buildings and had a question about the arrangements of normal and emerg. power for the existing fire pump.  The pump has an existing dedicated feed from the service transformer and HAD another dedicated feed from the onsite generator.  With the relocation, I have added an ATS at the service entrance - feeding the two service disconnects near the transformer.  With this new arrangement, the FP dedicated circuit from the transformer is still there.  However, the emerg. circuit goes through the service ATS upstream of the switch that exists at the pump itself.  Does this align with the arrangement requirements of NFPA 20 (10.8)? I have included a sketch for reference.