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Tire replacement

Question asked by on Mar 29, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2019 by lrojasmz

Our fire company recently purchased a Rosenbauer Pumper.  After a few months we checked the date on the drive tires that were on the truck and found they were 4 years old already.  We contacted Rosenbauer and were told that the NFPA requirement for replacement of tires after 7 years was after the truck was placed in service not the date on the tires.  They will not replace the tires.  We feel the requirement is from the manufacture date.  Any ideas where to go from here.  It is our opinion that if we have a problem with the tires that results in an accident they are going to look at the date on the tire not the in service date.  By the way if you by a new truck from Rosenbauer you better check the date on your tires.