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Life Safety ATS Installation Requirements

Question asked by adam.early on Apr 1, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2019 by adam.early

I have a question regarding the installation of an ATS that serves life safety systems in a new low rise building in NY State currently under construction.  Our engineering consultant performing the peer review identified an issue stating that the Life Safety ATS is required to be separated from normal service equipment under the requirements outline in NFPA 110 – 2016 Section 7.2.3 (ATS is currently located adjacent to the 480/277V, 2500 ampere main service switchboard).  The base building engineer and builder stated that they gained verbal approval from the AHJ allowing the install of the ATS as shown (adjacent to the service switchboard) because a “Level 1” install applies to Health Care Facilities.  The consultant performing the peer review then referenced the definitions for “Level 1” as that being “installed where failure of the equipment to perform could result in the loss of human life or serious injuries”.  Does the Life Safety ATS need to be installed in a separate room from the main building service switchboard per NFPA 110 for a low rise commercial office building occupied by a single tennant?