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Sprinklers at the top of Machine-Room-Less Hydraulic Elevators?

Question asked by pobyeda on Apr 1, 2019

Consider a new machine-room-less hydraulic elevator installation, where 2013 NFPA 13 applies.

The elevator machine and controller are installed within the hoistway; therefore the hoistway is also considered a "machinery space" and a "control space."

Sections and .2 result in a sprinkler being required in the pit.

Section (5) does not permit the omission of sprinklers in the hoistway/machinery/control space because it is hydraulic.

The elevator meets the requirements of section such that the sprinkler required at the top of the "hoistway" in section is not required.


Is it the intent of the code to permit the omission of sprinklers at the top of the hoistway per section, even when the hoistway is also considered a "machinery space" and a "control space?"

Or must sprinklers be installed at the top of the hoistway to protect the hydraulic elevator machinery space and control space?