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ESD Push Button at LNG Filling Station

Question asked by annisamienda on Apr 1, 2019

Hi all! 


I have questions regarding placement of ESD Push Button at LNG Filling Station. I'm currently evaluating location of local Emergency Shutdown (ESD) Push Button at an LNG Filling Station, which is utilized for transferring LNG from the storage tank to ISO Containers. As I refer NFPA 59A, Standard for the Production, Storage, and Handling of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), 2019 ed. for the evaluation, I am seeking for your advice regarding several points below.


  1. To determine the location of the local ESD Push Button at ISO Container Filling Station, which section shall we refer? Section 15.6, Tank Vehicle, Tank Car, and ISO Container Loading and Unloading Facilities or Section 16.3, Emergency Shutdown Systems?


  1. If Section 15.6 shall be referred: Section, “Where the loading or unloading area is closer than 25ft (7.6 m) to the sending or receiving container, a valve that can be operated remotely from a point of 25ft to 100ft (7.6 m to 30 m) from the area shall be installed.”

      In my case, the LNG is transferred from the storage tank to ISO Containers at Filling Station which consists of       loading bays. The ISO Containers will be carried by truck and be filled with LNG at the loading bay, just like at       common petrol station.

      What do sending and receiving container refer to? If the loading bay is considered as the loading area while ISO       Container is considered as receiving container, it is impossible to locate the loading area more than 25ft away from       the ISO Container since the ISO Container shall present IN the loading area during LNG transfer.


  1. If Section 16.3 shall be referred: Section 16.3.7, “Manual actuators shall be located in an area accessible in an emergency, shall be at least 50ft (15 m) from the equipment they serve, and shall be marked with their designated function.”

      Aren’t there any regulation about the furthest acceptable distance for the local ESD Button?


I really appreciate your guidance. Looking forward to hearing from you!