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Question asked by rifat.bin.ahmed on Apr 5, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2019 by rifat.bin.ahmed

I want to know the pump required gpm.

I have 10 story residential building.Floor height 10'-0".

Every floor has landing valve & every floor has hose boxes for each floor.

So how much GPM pump should i use and what is the method?what is the reference?  

I have a calculation:

My building has one stand pipe(wet riser system).Say it need 500 GPM.I think if firing occurred in two floor then the pressure need 500x2=1000 gpm. Then the Siamese connection need another 500 gpm for fire bridget.

So,total 1500 gpm electric pump is required.Which head is 130'. also 20 gpm jockey pump is required.


is this method is correct? if yes in NFPA where i can find it.