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Dose the Standpipe pressure require by Code in 1983 of 65psi at the roof flow demand present a imminent danger as per NFPA 1 Fire Code 2015 edition chapter 1 .3.2.4 - and need to be retrofitted as to requirements of NFPA 14, 2013 edition?

Question asked by samverabennett on Apr 12, 2019
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I had ask You questions about this some time ago.

I have 3 16 story occupied  buildings that were designed and installed in the early eighties. Two have standpipes only and the third one is sprinkled. All three are connected to one common fire pump.. The old fire pump needed replacing and when we applied for permit the AHJ says we have to raise the pressure to 139 psi at the required flow (500gpm) at the roof.  Raising the existing over 70 pounds on a system that is over 30 years old almost and could require the system to be replaced.