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Do all new enclosed parking garages require sprinklers?

Question asked by rfdacm02 on Apr 16, 2019
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In looking at NFPA 1, 101 and 88A the one citation that seems to answer this question is making me scratch my head:


NFPA 88A, 2019 Ed.:

"6.4.3 Automatic Sprinkler Systems shall be installed in enclosed parking structures located at or above grade, or within or immediately below a building used for another occupancy." 


The first part (before the comma) makes it seem that all above ground enclosed parking structures need to be sprinklered, but then to add the second half makes it seem that if the first part were true the second would be unnecessary? Basically in what scenario would a new enclosed parking structure not be required to be sprinklered? Why not just say all new enclosed parking structures shall be sprinklered?   Or taken as it's written, a stand-alone below grade parking structure would not be required to be sprinklered?