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How does NFPA 130 deal with the occupant limit in NFPA 101?

Question asked by jeffrey.demaine on Apr 22, 2019
Latest reply on May 28, 2019 by milt.werner

Per NFPA 130 ( and, rail stations are required to be a Type of construction as defined by NFPA 220, in accordance with NFPA 101, Chapter 12 (Enclosed = Type I or II / Unenclosed = Any type of construction).  Per NFPA 101 (since the 2012 edition), any non-sprinklered assembly is limited to an occupant load of 300.  Table 12.1.6 would require the vast majority of train stations (enclosed or unenclosed) to require sprinklers, which is not typical.  Can someone set me straight on the occupant load limitation for train stations as referenced by NFPA 101?  Or is this something that needs a code change to accommodate train stations with more than 300 people?