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arm over feeding an upright sprinkler head question

Question asked by christophers on Apr 22, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2019 by jepeterson

Is an upright sprinkler head allowed to be installed in a way where the arm over comes down off the main? For example, there is a 4” main and then the 1” arm over has a weld o let that drops down to a 2” nipple off the 4” main, then hits a 90, then there is a 4” nipple horizontally that then hits a 90 and goes up about a foot to the upright sprinkler head. 

Is this acceptable? If so, is there a code reference that states this is okay? If not acceptable, is there a code reference that states this is not okay? 


Im pretty sure you could have a 4” main where there are drops going down directly off of the sprinkler main to pendent sprinklers. 


Many help would be greatly appreciated!