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Required number of means of egress

Question asked by scootley on Apr 22, 2019
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I have questions about the NFPA 101 required number of means of egress for a condo unit.  I've read through Ch 7.4 and 31.2.4 and seemingly related sections but some of the terminology confuses me (even after reading definitions) due to my lack of experience with this topic (I am a homeowner).


Question: Is an additional 3rd floor emergency egress (i.e. fire escape) required in my situation for the unit? (detailed here)  There are already two means of egress from the unit.


Details are:
* Existing wood-framed 3-floor condo with 4 units. There is no sprinkler system.  It's a large wooden house, basically.
* Unit in question occupies part of the 2nd and 3rd floors and is less than 2000 sq ft. All floors have windows.
* There is an existing primary egress via a unit main entry door on the 2nd floor at the top of a common non-unit stairwell going to a main building entry door to the outside on the first floor.
* There is an existing unit emergency egress via a window with fire escape ladder on the second floor for this unit.
* There is a separate single stairwell internal to the unit going only from the second to the third floor.
* Does NFPA 101 require there to be an additional (third) means of egress from the third floor of this unit, presumably via a fire escape as the most practical option?
* Or is the existing setup (two exits) sufficient to meet code? (People on the third floor would have to egress from the third floor either: down the internal stairwell and then one of the two aforementioned exits; or via third floor windows with help from emergency responders)

* Note: There are no firewalls or fireproof structure anywhere

* Note: There are no common hallways between units.  The only interior common space is two entryways/staircases that each lead to one unit on the first (ground) floor and another unit (such as the one in question) on the 2nd floor.

* Bonus question: If you happen to know whether the IBC/IRC would differ from NFPA in its answer to my question, that would be awesome.


And it would be awesome if you could cite the relevant sections of NFPA 101 in your answer.