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Accommodation of restrictions

Question asked by honeymar1n3 on Apr 25, 2019
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Good day. Hopefully everything is well with you. I have a question about my restrictions.

A 4160V electrical motor exploded electrically, with a 4-6 foot arc flash. I was hospitalized over 24 hours, while the doctors ran test. Three doctors concluded my heart was fine but the incident caused my physiological conditions. Which were chest pressure, elevated blood pressure, tears flowing uncontrollably or PTSD symptoms.
Preventive Maintenance concerning the motor was an issue.  
I have restrictions which state: I can't work around older machinery/equipment that isn't properly maintained according to MIOSHA, OSHA, IEEE, NFPA or manufacturer's recommendations.
I was forced into a job search. I worked in a power plant. They said they couldn't accommodate my restrictions.
These restrictions are "General Duty Clause Restrictions". That they maintain a work place that isn't hazardous and dangerous. If it isn't safe for me, then it isn't safe for anyone else.
My workplace is under all those entities in their prospective areas. It's in our training, posters etc. 
Is this impossible to accommodate?
Thank you. Have a great day.