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Definition of Branchline vs Cross mains

Question asked by rmiskie on May 3, 2019
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We have been told that any branchlines that splits off to serve another another branchline supplying more than a single sprinkler is then defined as a "crossmain" and no longer is a branchline regardless of size, however, when we look at NFPA 13, 2013 Edition, Section 3.5.4 branchlines are defined as "The pipe(s) supplying sprinkler(s), either directly or..."  which tells us that the statement is plural meaning more than one branch and more than one sprinkler. Is the intent here that like at "Tree" you may have a matrix with multiple splinters from branchlines or is the intent that all lines only run in a linear way that only pick up single sprinkler and single armovers or can a branchline pick up other branchlines and still be a branchline?