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Sprinkler water obstruction: plywood tabletops > 20 Sq. Ft.

Question asked by twm22columbia on May 13, 2019
Latest reply on May 16, 2019 by keenan.thomas.dotson

I'm looking for guidance on fire protection for underneath long, wide tables at floor level. AS system is sufficient but the table tops are solid plywood well over 20 sq. ft. The tables stand 42-45" tall, and while there is open space below, there are numerous scenarios where combustible materials will wind up below, including daily trash accumulation, boxes, and other short-term storage. 


Is an approach akin to looking at these tables as the bottom row of a single-row rack sufficient? If so, would it be acceptable to

1) insert vertical breaks under and above the tables so that each work station is limited to 20 SF?

2) If #1 is acceptable, would it be acceptable for the vertical breaks to combustible plywood or OSB?

3) Finally, if anyone knows a reference (NFPA 13, IFC, or FM), I'd be grateful.


Thank you