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2012 Edition NFPA 101 - Subdivision in Health Care Occupancy Buildings.

Question asked by temple on May 22, 2019
Latest reply on May 23, 2019 by milt.werner

Regarding Section 18.3.7, I have a scenario where the entire basement level of a hospital will be used for laundry, laundry worker spaces, mechanical/electrical and warehouse storage.  The basement level is located below a health care occupancy, which is on Level 1 above.  The building construction is such that the basement is separated from Level 1 above by a 2-hour fire resistance rated horizontal assembly, and the basement level is considered a separate occupancy (not health care). 


In this scenario, it does not appear that the basement level would explicitly meet one of the “exceptions” of Section that would allow for not subdividing the floor with at least one smoke barrier (to create at least two smoke compartments).  My first question is, is it the intent of this section to require subdivision on a floor such as this that is separated by 2-hour construction and of a different occupancy?  My second question is, if subdivision is required, how does one meet the refuge area requirements of which stipulate that refuge areas must be “low hazard areas”.  Would storage, mechanical and laundry spaces be deemed low hazard for this purpose?  Thank you for your time and assistance.