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NFPA Classification of Liquors

Question asked by blangel on May 28, 2019

 NFPA 2013 -Table A.5.6.3 on Page 13-269 indicates that Liquor-100 Proof or Less, Cartoned, glass or plastic bottles has a suggested classification as a Class IV commodity.  (100 Proof = 50% alcohol content)


This suggested classification dropped off of the NFPA-2016 edition and now liquids containing greater than 20% alcohol appear to be outside of the scope of NFPA 13.  Was the intent of the committee to push the protection of 100 proof alcohols into NFPA #30.  


What triggered this change as most liquors were protected as Class IV commodities up until 2016.


Your elaboration and background on this issue is greatly appreciated.


Glenn Warga

Sales Manager-Ahern Fire Protection