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13D Home separate water supply required?

Question asked by glennk on May 29, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2019 by jdavila5zx

I am building a new house in a township in PA that requires fire sprinklers in new homes. The township code says to follow NAFP 13D (2010 edition).  I contacted the water company (unrelated to the township), and they are telling me I must run a separate water line from the street supply line and I must have a separate water meter for the fire sprinkler line. This would cost me thousands of dollars to dig up the street and run a line to my house.  The NAFP 13D book does not say anything about a separate water line.  In fact, it specifically discusses and assumes that the sprinkler system will use a multipurpose water supply with the homes main domestic supply.  How can a water company make such a requirement if it is not in the building code, the township code or the NAFP 13D guidelines?  How can I fight this?