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Foam Concentration NFPA16

Question asked by waiwah_lee on Jun 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2019 by nocivus

Dear Sir,

NFPA 16, clause  states The foam concentrate induction rate of a proportioner, expressed as a percentage of the foam solution flow (water plus foam concentrate), shall be within minus 0 percent to plus 30 percent of the Manufacturer’s listed concentration, or plus 1 percentage point, whichever is less.


We have a Premixed Foam System with 3% AFFF foam solution (No proportioner).

During the foam concentration test, it was tested with result 5% concentration in the foam solution. (meaning mix too much 3% AFFF concentration into the water).

Does this clause applicable to Pre-mixed Foam System ?

What is the concept for the max allowable at 3.9% ?


Appreciate your opinion.  Thanks