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NFPA 24 - does red piping have to be repainted?

Question asked by dworth2018 on Jun 5, 2019
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NFPA 24 Question

We are taking an old and ineffective fire water system out of service at a distribution terminal. The codes and osha say we don't need the system and our employees are only allowed to respond to incipient stage fires if safe to do so with fire extinguishers.  Equally important our local Fire Chief who serves as the "authority having jurisdiction" is also fine not having our old system.  So all our employees know it's out of service as does the local fire department and out insurer.


Question - a recent auditor recommended we paint the piping some other color then "red". 


Does NFPA require repainting or removal, we noted in NFPA 24 D.5.5.1 that "private hydrants" are at the owners discretion.



Dave Worthington