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Hanging banners/baffles near sprinkler heads

Question asked by jland on Jun 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2019 by csandlin

We have a commercial client that wants to hang either fabric banners or baffles from the ceiling of their sprinklered tenant space.  They're not sure exactly what they want to do, but want to know what the limitations are for hanging things where they have sprinklers.  Banners would be flat fabric panels hung down vertically from the ceiling (and possibly allowed to rotate).  Baffles would be long strips of fabric, say maybe 2' or 3' wide, and attached to the ceiling at both short end causing the fabric to droop in long, low upside down arches.


Can these things be hung below the height of the sprinkler heads?  If so, is there a minimum horizontal clearance from the sprinkler heads?  What if the baffles are at or above the height of the sprinkler heads?  Any other limitations we should consider?  I'm not quite sure how to apply the NFPA 13 section on obstructions in these cases.