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When is Occupant Notification required

Question asked by txmauler on Jun 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2019 by rfdacm02

You know there needs to be a cheat sheet for when notification is needed on a project!

9.6.3 Occupant Notification. Occupant notification shall be provided to alert occupants of a fire or other emergency where required by other sections of this Code. Occupant notification shall be in accordance with through, unless otherwise provided in through

I know most of it by now but even the nfpa 101 handbook is not clear when notification is required.
so I go to IFC or IBC - my best example of this issue:

So this means a manual means (pull stations) required - and i guess Ocpant notification is also reguired, but of corse that as long as it is fully sprinkled and then you only need one pull station, so the occpant notification is required for 500 or more, sound correct so far?


but not all the class's mention this, some I guess are expected?


So I need a cheet sheet or chart I guess, just need to sit down and make one or is there one out there?


maybe I just need to lear the code better, but my designers are lost and a cheat sheet would help them not over bid jobs or under bid jobs.