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13D Home system: can homeowner install without certification?

Question asked by glennk on Jun 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2019 by ben_oregan

I am building a house in PA in a municipality that requires a 13D system. I spoke to a neighbor today and he told me the township requires a certified installer for these systems.  He also told me the insurance for a fire sprinkler installer is very expensive.  I spoke to a supplier that sells all of the components and he indicated that I could install a 13D system myself (meaning with helpers that are not certified).  I see an online NFPA course for $249.95 and a 3 day classroom course for $1,579.  Do these courses make you "certified" for the installation of a 13D system. I am not in the contracting business. I'm just building my own home. Can I install a system myself with helpers?  How would I become a "certified" installer?