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Multiple Alarm Check Valves Required?

Question asked by integraltech_inc on Jun 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2019 by ben_oregan

We are working on a Mall consist of 3 levels, with area per floor of 240,000SF. We divided the project into 6 zones feed with 6 risers w one alarm check valve each riser. (we limit to 40,000SF limit per zone for ordinary hazard). Thus the project will have One set of Fire and Jockey Pump, 6 Risers with 6 Alarm Check Valve and 18 Floor control valves.


Will we be still complying with NFPA code 13 if we go with One set of Fire and Jockey Pump, One Alarm check Valve ONLY, 6 Risers and 18 Floor control valves ?