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NFPA 72 table clause 27(g) - Confused concerning this clause 

Question asked by vasta on Jun 16, 2019

Dear Members.


I find difficulties understanding the NFPA 72 table clause 27(g)   - (g) Performance-based technologies.

To what exactly this is referring to ?.

Is it the communication from a local panel to a supervisory central panel or something different ?.


To clarify things i have a gas release local panel to a room that is communicating 4 alarms ( gas discharge, fire stage 1 , fire stage 2 , general fault ) at a central fire alarm and detection panel in the same building at a different floor.

The communication is being done via 4 communication modules that are doing the "translation" as panels are from different company. ( the 4 modules are from the centralized panel company )

As per this clause do i need to check monthly the communication of the 2 panels via the 4 modules ?


Thanks for your help in advance.