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Concession Stands / Municipal Building Fire Alarm Notification Requirements

Question asked by rstlouis on Jun 19, 2019
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Good Morning,


I have an inspection today at a outdoor event that is held each year. The event has a building that is used as a concession stand. The only item that the cook in the building is grilled hot dogs. The hotdogs are grilled on a hot plate type of grill that is operated by propane. The question i have is does the code require there be kitchen hood suppression system?


Second question. There are 6 buildings n town that are owned and operated by the town. The building have the following fire protection. The question would be are the buildings required to have the Fire Alarm System or the Sprinkler System monitored by an outside alarm company or can it be a local alarm that only rings throughout the building and the fire department is notified by a individual in the building?