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Temporary Membrane Structures (NFPA 701)

Question asked by spickard on Jun 20, 2019
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Background: We do a lot of tent inspections during this time of year on the Western Slope of Colorado (Snowmass Village and Basalt areas specifically). One of the party rental companies we deal with has purchased a tent made in India.  We are unfamiliar with the "Fabric Flame Retardant Department" of the Government of India's "Ministry of Textiles".  So, we're uncomfortable approving the use of this tent...anywhere. I've attached the party rental company's certificate of flame retardant so you can see it.  

Question: Are the flame retardant standards on the attached certificate equivalent to the NFPA 701 standard used for temporary membrane structures 400 sq ft or larger (really, any size)?



nfpa regional director


Sarah Ray Pickard, Fire Inspector

Roaring Fork Fire Rescue