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Two Question's Duct Detector's & Power Supplies

Question asked by kerrie on Jun 21, 2019
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I recently had correspondence with a customer regarding his latest annual fire alarm system inspection. The technicians were not able to test the Duct Detector Units as a 30 ft lift would've been required to get to them. The customer stated to me that the company that installed his panel and had been doing the testing told him that his panel tests these devices internally and that it was not required to be tested. They have a Silent Knight 5820 XL Addressable system. But, my question is isn't there other aspects of that Duct Detector Unit per code that it must be tested including visual inspections of the sampling tubes associated with that unit etc etc? Other question on this is in your expertise, is it a deficiency (Failure of the device due to not being able to test it, is a non test a quote on quote failure) or a recommendation to be given to the customer?  Seems to be a lot of confusion/debate on this one for the techs when writing this one up. 


Similar situation with power supplies. If power supplies are inaccessible or not accessible with a lift or what have you this a true failure deficiency...or a recommendation to the customer? My thought is that they either need or we need to provide a lift to get to these power supplies to test properly as code states or survey the site for a relocation so as that are I wrong here? 


Any insight/wisdom you can give me would be great!