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Question asked by haitham on Jun 25, 2019


"A. Face Sprinklers. All face sprinklers should be located within the rack structure.
The flue spaces are generally created by the arrangement of the racks, and “walkways”
should not be considered flue spaces.
Face sprinklers must be located at transverse flues within racks. Face sprinklers are not effective if located
outside the flue space, even if they are within 18 in. (450 mm) of the rack face. Exhibit 3.43 illustrates a face
sprinkler that is not located directly in the transverse flue. Note the wood slat and pallet load just above the
sprinkler. See and as examples of the required location of face sprinklers."


this is what NFPA13-2016 handbook says about face sprinklers, i have searched for &

and didn't find the, anywhere!

regardless of that i have been searching for much more details about the location of face sprinkler and the clearance to commodity and racks i didn't find any drawing or a text that explains the installation!

nothing is mentioned except for this :


" Face sprinklers in such racks shall be located within the rack a minimum of
3 in. (75 mm) from rack uprights and no more than 18 in. (450 mm) from the aisle face of


is there any standard tat explains the 3 in minimum distance ?!

is there any schematic drawings shows the exact location for the face sprinkler ?!

the picture in the handbook shows the wrong location for the face sprinkler