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Concealed space sprinkler protection

Question asked by john.papworth on Jul 5, 2019
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Concealed space sprinklers.
In Australia, Clause 5.8.1 of the current sprinkler standard requires concealed space sprinklers in roof/ceiling cavities as shallow as 200mm, and allows sprinkler spacing up to 6m x7m. I presume other like-minded jurisdictions have similar requirements in their codes and standards (but maybe in feet an inches). Which invites the question, what is the purpose of concealed space protection in shallow concealed spaces? Is the intention to flood the surrounding ceiling with water and hope this has some impact on fire growth/spread in the cavity, or is the intention only to provide heat detection on a 6m x 7m grid, which can activate the occupant warning and call the fire department? Looking forward to some responses, especially from anyone involved in the development of codes/standards.