How AHJ’s Can Participate in the UL Standards Making Process and Access UL Standards for Free.

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How AHJ’s Can Participate in the UL Standards Making Process and Access UL Standards for Free.


UL is always looking for participants in UL's Standards Development Process. See the Call for Members information on the STP Chart for those STPs that are currently recruiting new membership. Click the link for more information.


UL's Standards Technical Panel (STP) Website:

You are encouraged to view the UL Standards Website which provides information on our Standards Development Process, including the following informational video.


UL’s Standards Development Process


UL's Collaborative Standards Development System (CSDS):

CSDS is UL's online authoring tool, and will allow you to submit proposal requests, provide comments on proposals, and obtain meeting materials.


Tutorial videos for using CSDS can be accessed here. You may want to begin with the following brief 2-minute video.


            What is CSDS?



Beyond STP membership, you can participate in UL's Standards Development by submitting proposals to change a standard, commenting on standards proposals, and more without being a member of an STP:.


  •     You can make proposals for revising the current standards. When submitting a proposal please use our "Request a Proposal" form which can be found at
  •     You can review and comment on proposals that are being considered by the STP. To receive proposals at no cost, visit UL CSDS ( and select "View Proposals Available" from the Proposals drop down menu. Once you find a proposal you would like to review, simply click on the proposal entry, and select the "Obtain Proposal Access" link. From here, you will be able to receive Free access to the proposal.
  •      As an alternative, you may also sign up for UL's free "What's New e-Notification" Service. This is an electronic notification which is sent out twice a month, and includes a list (including the scope) of all the standards documents published for that time period. You may watch for the publication of relevant documents, and purchase any that are of interest to you. CSDS proposals are also listed in What's New. From the What's New listing you may select a CSDS proposal and receive Free access to the proposal.
  •     You can request to attend meetings of the Standards Technical Panel. STP meetings are posted on UL's website at 
  •     Monitoring ANSI Standards Action
  •     Volunteer to participate in a Task Group.

For further information concerning joining an STP, contact Mitchell Gold, STP Membership Coordinator.


UL Standards for Free.


You have free viewable access to UL Standards, except for those which are IEC/ISO based.  to browse the For more information, please contact UL’s Digital View project lead Rich Olesen at


What is the UL Standards new Digital View feature and how does it work?


The UL Standards new Digital View feature allows you to register on to view a UL or ULC standard online and access them by clicking on the Digital View button.  This is a page by page Digital View only and does not offer the ability to download or print the Standard. The feature is free of charge when you register on