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Arson Fire in Kyoto, Japan

Question asked by makyokohama on Jul 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2019 by milt.werner
An arson attack at an animation studio in Kyoto, Japan killed 34 people. There were total 74 occupants in the building at the time of the incident and other 34 people were injured - some were seriously. This three story building of 7,427 sq. ft. total floor area was not sprinkelred and it was
not requried by the fire or building codes in Japan. When setting a fire about 3 gallons of gasoline was used near an atrium space. One of the
reasons why only six (out of 74) people were able to escape without injury was the speed of flame and smoke spread due to use of gasoline. Obviously automatic sprinkle protection would have controlled the fire or at least delayed the flame and smoke spread even if it was designed
and installed for light occupancies. Do you know any examples or data of similar fires involving small amounts of gasoline which were controled
or uncontroled by automatic sprinklers (maybe in car parking or petro station).