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702.5 Isolation of Normal Supply

Question asked by chiefns830 on Jul 22, 2019

I have a movie production studio whereby they are attempting to use cam locks for temporary power connections --however there is no transfer equipment to prevent inadvertent connection.  This seems to be allowed via the exception (I actually can't believe it, but it's true).


Q1 - How do I as an electrical plans examiner ensure that only qualified persons service the installation, in order to allow the exception?  I am thinking of asking for a letter from the owner showing me who is hired (with license numbers), and that they are permanent employees.  Any other ideas?


Q2 - Isn't this asking a bit much from the AHJ?  Remember - applicants NEVER LIE.  How are we in all reality supposed to make this determination and allow for this install?


Q3 - Why the #*#%&* this exception still in the code?