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Can AR P.P.E. be shared across a group of employees?

Question asked by jdbiggs on Jul 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2019 by rlutz

I'm being asked to prove to our administration whether or not arc rated P.P.E. such as AR coveralls and voltage rated gloves can be shared by a group of employees...and my initial answer was "NO", given that it is personal protective equipment that is sized by individual needs.  But, I'm having trouble finding a reference specific to electrical P.P.E.  The setting is that we have all of our qualified electrical persons with 12 cal/cm2 coveralls and 500v gloves...but for work above that incident energy, we have a single suit rated at 25 cal/cm2 that they have been allowing anyone to use. 


My understanding is that we should not have such a practice in place...can anyone advise while I continue researching?