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Laser and Lipo

Question asked by chiefns830 on Jul 24, 2019
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I have a plan review for a facility that does ONLY extensive laser and liposuction, and I'm wondering how this fits into the scheme of things with NEC and NFPA 99.  There are two procedure rooms, that I would put into Basic Care (Category 3) category, but also an Operating Room that I would put into Category 2.  However I'm thinking that I may be mistaken and it might be Category 1.  The plans label this room "OPERATING ROOM."  This facility performs liposuction and "vampire facelifts" which involves injecting things (patient's own blood serum, or something like that) directly into the patients face.  Adjacent to the Operating Room there is a "patient holding" room, which I will assume is to monitor the patient when the operation is over.  There is lighting with battery backup in all rooms, but no emergency power to receptacles, that I can tell.  Since electrical plans examiners are now required to comprehend complex medical procedures in order to properly review the electrical plans, my questions are:


1)  How does NFPA 99 view the operating room for this facility?

2)  Would the operating room require 36 receptacles per NEC 517.19(C)?

3)  Would you agree that the operating room requires some type of ESS, for the receptacles?


Any information that you can provide will be helpful.  Thanks in advance.