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NFPA 20 - Fire Fighting Duty Pumps

Question asked by chong on Jul 30, 2019

I would like to seek your confirmation as per NFPA 20 on the Fire Fighting Duty Pumps.


  1. Whether the Fire Fighting Duty Pumps must be Electrical Driven type and Standby can be either Electrical or Diesel engine type?
  2. For your information, we have an installation on an existing plant that have been installed with Diesel engine driven pumps that is meant to deliver water for Fire Protection. Presently the Diesel engine driven pumps do not just rely on the 8 hour diesel supply day tank.
  3. The Plant day tanks are automatically refill via pipeline from a central diesel storage tank. The Diesel engine fire pumps will be able to run continuously for more than 1 week if required.
  4. Appreciate your confirmation whether there is any clause in NFPA that mentioned on the continuous supply of diesel for the Diesel engine fire pump that is meant for Fire Fighting purpose?  
  5. In NFPA 20 is any restrictions to the use of Diesel engine driven fire pumps as Duty pumps?
  6. The Duty Pump is not meant for other purpose and is fully dedicated to deliver large quantity of water onto the fire that is designed for.  In Malaysia we follow NFPA 20 to design the Fire Pump and we have 1 Duty Pump (either Electric or Diesel) and 1 Standby Pump (Electric or Diesel) plus a Jockey Pump (Pressure Maintenance Pump).   


Appreciate your confirmation on the above.


Best regards,


Chong Yin Keong