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Powering a Security Camera, Article 400

Question asked by stevenbell890 on Aug 6, 2019
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I am looking to install a permanent security camera that receives power from an UPS (camera plugs int the UPS isolated output 120VAC). The cable connecting the two is 50ft of 5 core 16AWG wire in a TPE jacket. At first I thought article 400 would cover this installation since the camera is plugging into a power outlet. A later portion of the article though says that cables that plug into an outlet can't be permanently installed in a building (400.12 in NEC 2017).


What code would this cable fall under? 


Also are there any rules about running a cable that plugs into a power outlet through a portal to the outside of a building? Chapter 8 has a fair amount about running communication lines into and out of buildings but I couldn't find the ones talking about 120VAC power.