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Cantilever Rack Storage Protection

Question asked by alexataiyan on Aug 7, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2019 by nocivus

Does anyone have experience with classifying cantilevered racking (think the types of racks used to store lumber in a Home Depot)? The manufacturing facility I'm working on is storing bulk aluminum used for window mullions on cantilever racks. The storage arrangement does not allow for space between loads, except for the transverse flue space between racks, because the unit load is the width of the rack. However, the distance between racks is 1'-6" and will always remain open.


My thought on this is the product would basically create solid shelves and require in-racks. This is almost exactly like the lumber arrangement at a Home Depot, but I don't recall seeing any in-rack sprinklers in the lumber area. Unfortunately,  NFPA 13 only references cantilevered racks as a type of rack in the Annex. I would argue these are not Gondola Racks because a fixed shelf is not part of the system.


I've included some photos for reference. Any thoughts or experience with this type of arrangement?