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Instrumentation Enclosure Component Fill Volume Requirement?

Question asked by jtmiller on Aug 7, 2019
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Instrumentation Enclosure Component Fill Volume Requirement?



I work for what amounts to an industrial supplier and we produce instruments that are composed of various electrical/other components. These instruments are housed in metal enclosures. 


As of late I have been redesigning one of our instruments and the components that will be housed inside the existing enclosure will be taking up significantly more volume than the previous design and we would like to keep the same enclosure design. 


The space issue does not detract from serviceability.


This leads to the question of: "Are there any guidelines on electrical or other component volume to total volume in an instrumentation enclosure?" 


If it matters this particular enclosure is also equipped with an inert gas purging system to accommodate the use of the equipment/instrumentation in an Class I, Division 2, Group B,C, and D area.


Thank you for any input and let me know if this description brings any other concerns to your mind(s).