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smoke detector replacement battery vs 120-v

Question asked by on Aug 22, 2019
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smoke/CO alarm inquiry
i've searched extensively, cant find s specific answer.
I live in Pennsylvania
House built in about year 2000
it has about 4 smoke detectors, i do NOT believe they are wired to 120-V, i blieve they are wired to a DSC alarm system through standard low voltage alarm wire.
I am eventually taking out the OLD dsc alarm system
since (if i'm correct) these are NOT wired to 120-V, can I replace them, within building codes, (especially if i eventyally sell the house), with BATTERY operated smoke detectors?
Question #2 -
if they HAVE to be 120-v, CAN replaements be put on individually separate 120-V circuits, since newer alarms can talk to each other wirelessly, such as teh Nest detectors, etc?
Any feedback on this is appreciated, to clarify what to do to correctly replace these units