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Temporary wiring on construction site

Question asked by michellepassafaro621 on Aug 23, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2019 by rcramereleceng

 We are wiring a new two-story self storage building in New Jersey. The steel is done and the concrete decks are poured. We went in and installed temporary wiring to approved LED construction lights on each floor as well as GFI temporary receptacles. We used 12/2 NM cable as the temporary wiring method from the panel board to each light location. The cable is supported as per code and has the required connector at the panel. Overcurrent protection is at 20 amps per code. All the wiring is under the concrete deck and not in and location that could get wet from rain. The local inspector has the power turned off and locked out the main disconnect stating that NM cable is not permitted. As per NEC and UL 1598 definitions construction sites are listed under dry location. Is there any further information available to address this issue with the local inspector as he wants the wiring change to UF.